Inbal Lori in Resort Komedii! Improv show in english - zdjęcie

Inbal Lori in Resort Komedii! Improv show in english

Inbal Lori is an Israeli improvisational actress, storyteller, and director who has performed in theaters and festivals all over the world.

One of the unique aspects of Lori's performances is her ability to seamlessly transition between different characters and emotions, often incorporating physical comedy and movement into her performances. Her shows are also known for their humor and wit, as she finds unexpected and delightful ways to play with the audience's expectations.

Throughout the show, Lori may also engage the audience directly, asking for their input or participation in various parts of the performance. This creates a sense of collaboration between the performer and the audience, making each show a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Overall, an improvised show with Inbal Lori is likely to be a dynamic and entertaining performance that showcases her talents as a skilled improviser, storyteller, and comedian



Actress, writer, coach, director and improviser.

She has been involved in many artistic projects since 2000. Originally from Israel. Now based in Berlin.

In 2010 she started coaching improvisation to professional actors, amateurs and business companies all over the world. Her coaching and performing has taken her to the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and many places in Europe like Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Prague, Vienna, Lisbon, Bucharest, Helsinki and more.

During those years of coaching she realized that the tools of improvisation have the power to develop and transform people’s communication skills, relationships and charisma. Armed with this experience, in 2015 she moved to Berlin to apply this knowledge in the international artistic and business context. She calls it “Human Communication”. And she is enjoying every second of it!

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